Folks said we couldn’t make a fun, fruity juice drink without a pigpen full of calories – that’s Hog Wash. Hog Wash is the low-calorie, vitamin enriched juice drink that’s bursting with great taste.

Like all great parents, we figured you might have a few questions. Below are some questions that we have been asked in the past.

Where is Hog Wash produced?

Hog Wash is a product of the United States of America and is produced by independent bottlers under the authority of Wis-Pak, Inc.

What is your natural sweetener?

Our natural sweetener is called stevia. It is a plant that is native to South America and has been used to sweeten food for hundreds of years. Not only is this plant sweet, it also contains zero calories! A perfect duo for our swine-sationally sweet drink.

Why is there a choking hazard warning on the label?

The safety of our consumers is our number one priority. Like any product with small, removable plastic pieces, there is a potential risk of choking. We want to make sure parents of small children know this risk so that everyone can be safe while enjoying Hog Wash.

Don’t see an answer to your particular question? Not a problem.

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